“No Man Gave Me A Dime To Build My Mansion” – Ehi Ogbebor

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A Lagos based socialite and business mogul, Ehi Ogbebor, has fired back at critics and rumour mongers for claiming her mansion was bankrolled by a wealthy, influential man in the country’s economic hub.

An Instagram-based blog, Gistlover, had claimed had earlier reported that an influential man in Lagos had bankrolled the house supposedly built by the socialite.

However, the business mogul has now come out to debunk the rumours in a 3-minutes long video she posted on Instagram, debunking the allegation and asking any man who bankrolled her mansion to come out or else get punished by God.

Ehi Ogbebor

Ehi Ogbebor, who is the CEO of Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel and an interior designer and consultant stated her friend called her attention to the bogus claim on the said blog page where it was discussed that the pretty socialite was funded by a rich man in Lagos.

Rather than ignore, the beautiful entrepreneur thought it was best to debunk the allegations as there are young ‘queens’ who look up to her and draw strength from her successes.

Below is what she had to say:

Hi, Instagram fam. Normally, I will never do this…maybe I stopped. BUT…mbanu, I had to. I normally don’t like to read blogs when I read about myself but I couldn’t help it. My friend, Amaka showed it to me because I blocked all of them (blogs).

Anyways, this comment goes: that’s how she makes money. That’s how she built her house. Normally, I will allow that pass, but no. I’m doing this for my queens. My upcoming queens that believe in themselves. Believe in hardwork, believe in being resilient, believe that you can do it.

No man (beats chest) spent one dime..hundred Naira on my house. If you did and you are a man and you don’t speak up, God will punish you. If you, as a man, have ever bankrolled Ehi and you don’t talk…as a matter of fact, I am b3tting a $100,000 if you are a man and you claim that you’ve ever bankrolled me in any way or you spent one Naira in my business or you spent one Naira in my house. I build my house myself. That’s hardworking I have been.

Describing how disappointed and disgusted she is with the rumours, Ehi claimed she does not necessarily need to be with a man because of his money because she works very hard to make her money.

I’m on the road at times 7 days in a week. I do for myself, I do it for my kids. So you know what? Bloggers, Gistlovers, to h3ll with you, fam. You’re such a f00l. You’re ruining the minds of these little girls. You’re making them not believe in themselves. You’re making them feel like you have to be with a man because he has money.

Beyonce is with Jay Z, is he bankrolling her? I will be with a man that I care about. He doesn’t need to give me a dime. I will be the last person to date a man for money…

Ehi charged young ladies to focus on themselves and not depend on getting help from any man.

In a recent development, we have it on authority that Ehi Ogbebor is in a romantic relationship with Mc Oluomo. The duo attended the 5th coronation anniversary of the Olowu Of Iwo land, in Osun State.

Ehi Ogbebor and MC Oluomo

The socialite had uploaded pictures of her and a man who was covered with stickers to mask his identity and one of them had “king”. However, in a video she uploaded, it turned out the person being referenced was the NURTW chairman.

Strangely, Ehi has taken down the pictures with MC Oluomo while the video remains on her page. It is unclear at this time how long the duo have been in a relationship for but what is obvious is that there is a sizzling relationship going on with the duo.


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